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Massachusetts State Building Code Evolution.

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The current Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License (CSL) examination requires the Ninth Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code, using an amended 2015 series codes from the International Code Council.

The Ninth edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code came into effect on October 1, 2017. It ran concurrently with the Eighth edition up until December 31, 2017. On December 31st the Eight edition was retired and the Ninth edition went into full force.

Testing on the new code began on January 1, 2018

Our course requires the following seven publications, which are to be used in the exam:

International Building Code 2015
780 CMR Massachusetts' 10/20/2017 Amendment to the Basic/Commercial Codebook
International Residential Code 2015
780 CMR Massachusetts' 10/20/2017 Amendment to the One- and Two-Family Dwelling Codebook
IECC - International Energy Conservation Code 2018
OSHA - CFR Title 29, Part 1926 Latest edition
521 CMR - Architectural Access Board Rules and Regulations

These books are available from the CCI webstore and will be delivered to your class on the days they are needed at no additional charge. Click here to visit the bookstore.

About Our Unrestricted Exam Preparation

Our popular builder’s license program prepares participants to successfully pass the unrestricted Construction Supervisor License State examination the first time.

Certified Building Officials, Construction Professionals, degreed Architects and/or Engineers who have taken and passed the unrestricted construction supervisor license examination, present our constantly updated classes.

We provide you with material to build your skills for the examination. There are no boring reading assignments. You work with our materials at your own pace, completing them before the examination.

You receive thorough exam preparation and fun learning at the same time.

Classes are held one night a week for 7 weeks. They are three and a half hours a night, (most classes go from 6:00 to 9:30 PM) f
or a total of 24? class hours.

Classes cover the current Massachusetts State Building Code, Architectural Access Board Rules and Regulations; OSHA Title 29, Part 1926; and the International Energy Conservation Code 2015.

Relevant information is presented and specific topics are addressed using proven techniques to fine tune student’s skills.

CCI alumni have access to exclusive alumni benefits not available from others.

In class you receive:

  • An application for the state examination
  • Organizational procedures for the course and the exam
  • Overviews of subject matter
  • Lecturettes on important code concepts
  • Techniques for answering tough questions
  • A daily question and answer sessions
  • An in-depth review to prepare for the examination
  • Methods for taking the examination

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